Link Soup – Court Docs and More

Tonight we have a little link soup:

The 18th Circuit Court has released a limited number of the court documents related to The State V Zimmerman.  Most of the items are routine, but the file called “Evidence List Redacted” contains Zimmerman’s original arrest report from 2005 for his run-in with alcohol enforcement agents as well as the injunction filed by his ex-finacee in the same year. Unfortunately, it does not contain the paperwork he filed against his ex. Also of some minor interest is the “State’s Response to the Defendant’s Motion to Appear in Civilian Clothing…“, only because it appears to be better researched and more detailed than the Affidavit of Probable Cause.

Reuters has published an article that reveals a little more of George Zimmerman’s history and clarifies the crime spree and fear that was prevalent in the neighborhood before the shooting.

Alan Dershowitz comes out with even stronger language castigating Angela Corey for the Affidavit of Probably Cause filed in support of the murder two charges against George Zimmerman.

You can watch the second half of George Zimmerman’s bail hearing here and read the transcripts–which are incomplete!–here, here, and here. UPDATED: You can watch the entire bond hearing here.

The Mark O’Mara law firm has set up a web site for Zimmerman’s legal case. The donation page is not complete yet because they are still working on getting all of the proper approvals, according to the Zimmerman Legal Case Twitter feed. You can also catch updates on the George Zimmerman Legal Case Facebook page.


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