America is Speaking With Its $

The big news last night and this morning was the revelation that George Zimmerman’s web site,, had raised approximately $204,000 since it was set up in the second week of April. The web site has since been shut down.

Attorneys for the State and Zimmerman were in court again this morning to discuss public release of the discovery in this case. The $200,000 was also on the table. CNN has a story here. I will look for transcripts or video of the proceedings and post a link accordingly. The upshot of the hearing is that Zimmerman’s bond remains unchanged. Zimmerman willingly turned over the amounts in his Paypal accounts to O’Mara, who has placed them in an account that he controls; Zimmerman has no access.

The Martins’ attorney, Crump, is upset (video link) that Zimmerman was raising funds and thinks that Zimmerman should be send back to jail. Despite Crump’s assertions, which this blogger finds troublesome, the Martins themselves were engaged in the same endeavor with their “Justice for Trayvon Martin” campaign. How much has the campaign raised? About one tenth of what Zimmerman has raised–about $26,600 as of this afternoon.

The discrepancy in the amounts, particularly considering that Zimmerman’s web site was only up about 14 days, says volumes about where the silent majority in America really stand on this case.


Also in the hearing today, according to news sources, the prosecutor requested a gag order for the attorneys involved. The judge declined to even consider the motion. Thank goodness, because that would have left Crump unchecked in the media.

Discovery has also been delayed as the attorneys and the court try to figure out a way to keep the names and addresses of witnesses from out of the public record. The State must turn the witness information and statements over to the defense, but when that happens, those items because public record (the judge declined to seal all of the evidence). Both sides are understandably concerned that both the media, Crump, and others would harass witnesses should their names be made available.


Finally here is a better link to the Reuters article referenced in yesterday’s post.


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