Zimmerman Discovery Hearing on April 27, 2012

I have not been able to find an actual transcript or a video of the proceeding, but one of the commenters over at JustOneMinute watched the hearing live and provided paraphrased updates of what happened in the comments on a recent post. Here is what the commenter had to say:


Watching it live on Central Florida Channel 13. No gag order.


de la Rionda wants to talk about the “bond thing”.

Lester is now up to speed on “Media Law”. Has read the applicable codes and procedures. Miami Herald gets a special shout out from Judge Lester.

Only alternative is change of venue, if information prejudices fair trial. blah, blah, blah.

Now asking both defense and prosecution if there is anything else he needs to know in order to release.


One area in which he is not following media law and that is GZ security. Good for him.

Now what is the best way to handle the media requirement.

Herald lawyer bringing up discovery and that today it comes to the defendant and must be made public. He wants to understand the game plan for releasing discovery. Lester is not going to impose himself on the actions between defense and prosecution. Suggests they all get together and discuss how to handle the release of discovery. But its common between attorneys to ask for a few more days, etc.


O’Mara is now up. One area he is inquiring is witnesses who have provided statements or want to provide statements. They have cause for concern regarding their participation in the this process. O’Mara wants to be able to analyze statement and the witness prior to releasing. He can’t protect GZ or the witness or vet them if he has to release discovery. Interesting concern that de la Rionda is backing up O’Mara regarding the media scrutiny and security.


Herald lawyer is now trying to educate judge on media access to the information and witness information. 119.011 Fla. STatue on media discovery re: witness statements. Herald is saying legislature has already set the standard for protecting witness. Judge is concerned about the witness who is out there everyday talking on TV. File motion on case by case basis. State argued what the judge did in Casey Anthony case.

Case by case basis.

State is saying the 911 tape of witness of murder should not have been released. Judge is not being lead to one side or the other.


O’Mara is bringing up the financial standing of family and the websites raising money. Money then was about $2,700 in both website accounts. Website of The Real GZ. Also false websites and false twitter accounts. He told GZ no more twitter or website. That is when GZ mentioned the paypal account and what to do. Goes into O’Mara office trust account.

GZ has used some of the money for living expense. Point is that at the time GZ was at bond hearing there was $100 to 150 thousand in the paypal account. He was unaware and now the money is in O’Mara control. Not available to GZ. Needs to figure out way to administer. Wanted to make Judge aware of the fact that as of Friday that money was out there. Bernie says he is now aware of the matter from last night. Thinks the court should consider raising bond.

Judge: Wants to see who had control over the accont prior to O”Mara taking control. O’Mara has to give Judge more information. Judge may have authority or maynot have authority. O’Mara noted that the family used $5K from account to raise the $15K for the bond. Wants to do the expication of how the funds were raised and who had authority in-camera to protect the security of the family.


Information is on its way to O’Mara. Concerned with public disclosure of donor list and security of the donors.

O’Mara is waiving appearence of GZ today.

Bernie is asking he and O’Mara approach the bench. Confidential discussion with Lester. Bernie has a paper or two with him to discuss.


Well its over. But the judge seems to be more fair and balanced than probably either the State or Defense wants him to be:)

Biggest concern for this Judge is security – of GZ, of witnesses, etc. We’ll see if he is as concerned about the security of donors to the GZ fund.



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